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Passages returns April 2014

April 19 and 20 8pm at the DanceSpace Join us for an improvisational journey through sound and music, dance, poetry and video. Suzee Grilley, Christine Williams, Jonah Bornstein, Todd Barton […]

Passages performance video excerpts

We performed Passages on October 5 to a sold-out audience. Watch video excerpts. If you were among those that did not receive advance notice of ticket sales, consider signing up […]

Dance Sequence

Suzee Grilley performed an 11-minute solo improv dance which was video taped then manipulated and projected during the performance. Below is a short clip.

Triptychs Screen Captures

Composer Todd Barton and I have been performing improvisational electronic music while I project a semi-random (javascript driven html page) slide show. This video is an excerpt from one of […]