Control Voltage Therapy at Britt July 17

Due to modest ticket pre-sales this event has been cancelled.

Todd Barton and I will perform at the Britt Performance Garden Friday, July 17 at 8pm. We’ll explore the outdoor space with quadraphonic sound, and I’ll also project video clips to accompany the audio.

Tickets are $10 and available directly from the Britt Festivals Website.

It’s been an exciting process to explore quadraphonic sound with Todd, both in the studio on a weekly basis, and at the Schneider Museum of Art during our monthly concert series there. It’s fascinating to hear how space has its own rhythm, and can be used as a compositional tool in its own right. It will be fun to play in the outdoor setting at Britt’s new intimate Performance Garden stage.

While this music is electronic in nature, it is not computer music. No computers are used at all. The instruments are analog synthesizers, and in fact, each has a hard-wired circuit board designed by Todd that creates a very expressive setting that we use as our starting point. It allows us to modulate the sound with touch, and it also adds random elements into the mix.