Multimedia Performance
October 5, 2013 8:00pm
The DanceSpace: 280 East Hersey, Ashland

There is limited seating for an evening of multimedia performance of sound, dance, voice, words and video.

Todd Barton Sonics, Buchla Synthsizer
Suzee Grilley Dance
Jonah Bornstein Words
Christine Williams Voice
Bruce Bayard Video

The performance is a continuation and expansion on a series of improvised concerts presented by Barton and Bayard, creating a sound and image collage in the moment. For this performance, five artists from five disciplines build a narrative, live, using movement, voice, words, sound, and video, with an over arching theme of the passage of time and those profound life events that shape the individual.

NOTE: This performance is sold out!

We are attempting to add more seats prior to the performance. If you don’t have a ticket but would like to see if additional seating becomes available, please be at the DanceSpace at 7:30 and we’ll accommodate as many people as we can.

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