Triptychs plus live music stream

Friday, January 4 at Studio A.B, Todd Barton will be sending a live music “stream” from his studio to ours, to accompany a video projection of “Triptychs.” Here’s how it works. Todd has a channel on the internet on which he can broadcast live from anywhere (anywhere with WiFi that is). I asked him to create an improvisation with his Buchla synthesizer, which he has found a way to create exquisite self generating sonic sound scapes with minimal nudging and nurturing on his part (minus all the years it’s taken to perfect this process). We are going to “tune in” to the channel during the artwalk and use that as a soundtrack to my video projection of a collage in motion. I’ve taken hundreds of images from the Weekly Press, time lapse clouds, and a list of 800 words (Basic English) and combined them all in a visual container that combines them randomly within that container. The projection plays indefinitely, never repeating.

Come see and hear, or if you can’t come by the studio, you can tune in to the soundtrack by clicking here during the live broadcast (or tune in anytime to see an archive of previous streams).

The soundtrack will be streaming from 6 to 8 pm.