Mapping out new territory

Crossroads have always been an interesting time. I’m at one again.

For years, I’ve been looking for entry points into the world of moving image; looking for a way that makes sense in terms of the visual images that are the language I’ve developed along the way. The road has been a little bit windy, with attempts at various methods. Sometimes it seems like the need for more gear, tools, time, and ability have been roadblocks to a satisfying process. Other times, creativity and inspiration just seem utterly lacking, and I’ve got nothing to say.

For a while, I struggled with Sony Vegas software for editing video, Adobe Photoshop Extended for animations and image sequences. The learning curve has been steep for my poor brain. Then, it got even worse, by diving into Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I have gone back to the same feeling I had when first learning Photoshop: what the hell am I doing? The most important thing now, as then when I was first learning how to work digitally, is to keep my eye on the ball; keep sights on the art of it; staying true to what feels right in the final image(s).

With this new website I intend to share my new work in video and time-based-art (TBA), and to continue the exploration of same. There are plenty of tools for you to follow along; try the RSS feed for starters. Eventually, these posts will be sent automatically to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe a few others as well. Links to me at those social media are also in the upper toolbar.