Todd Barton, Bruce Bayard, Eden Mononym, Adam Scramstad

music for easels

A rare convergence: on November 7, 2014 at the Schneider Museum of Art, four imaginative electronic musicians gathered to explore the improvised interactions of four Buchla Music Easels.
The Buchla Music Easel is a self-contained suitcase synthesizer possessing  all the circuitry necessary to create and unfold new universes of sound  and music.

In this historic performance, Oregon sound artists Todd Barton, Bruce Bayard, Eden Mononym and Adam Scramstad met in quadraphonic space surrounding the audience with speakers and offering them a unique listening experience.

The five tracks on this live performance album range from the world premiere of Todd Barton’s composition, Butoh for Easels, to compelling solo improvisations by Eden and Adam, to exciting ensemble soundscapes.

Todd Barton
Bruce Bayard
Eden Mononym
Adam Scramstad