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The Amendments is an ongoing series of newly reworked mixed media paintings from recently uncovered works in storage.

The Sixth Amendment: Such That This Is 1995–2022
22.5 x 54 inches
Oil, cyanotype on 5 panels

This is one of my favorite paintings of the mid-1990’s. This is one of those paintings where my interest in letting the process show really does. Through the glaze of paint is visible the sanding texture and brads holding the panel to the cradle. It has had a few coats of transparent oil tint, and yet never quite felt finished. My plan is to glaze very light ochre into the clouds to give them more volume and wispiness. The blue panel is a cyanotype process of a clock movement, which also figured prominently in the work of the 90’s.

Fourth Amendment: The River

Third Amendment: Juggernaut 12 (Silks)

Sixth Amendment: Such That This Is

The Fifth Amendment: Untitled

Second Amendment: Weather Vane

First Amendment: Spinnaker